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Education study

The state board will propose at Convention in June 2017 that the League undertake a study of education issues in NH. More details on the proposal to come. For now we are highlighting some of the education issues that members have brought to our attention on this page.

Inclusion here does not indicate a League position, as we have not yet begun the important study process.

Education Freedom Savings Accounts

SB 193-FN, establishing education freedom savings accounts for students, and related HB 647, are wending their way thru the NH Legislature (spring 2017). Read one state representative's take on the implications of these two bills for state funding of private education. Click here for pdf of Rep. Marjory Porter's view.

HB 356 Amendment

An amendment to restructure the NH Dept of Education will get a full public hearing on Tuesday, April 25, beginning at 10 am in Legislative Office Building room 103 (unless it gets moved because of the crowd). The basic bill is not an issue; the amendment has gotten much public criticism.

Proposed League Study of Education in NH

The League membership will further define and then vote on this study proposal at our state convention, June 3 in Hopkinton. Suggestions in advance can be sent to the study committee acting chair Peg Fargo. Click here to read draft of proposal, awaiting members' input.