Making Democracy Work


The League at each levels adopts positions based on members' study of an issue. When consensus has been reached, a position can be developed.

LWVNH Positions

LWV National Positions

Click on this link to the page that summarizes all the national League's positions. Scroll through the list of topics to "Impact on Issues--Online Edition" and click to see the full text of League positions and a history of how each was developed.

In January 2016 the board announced its position on Constitutional Conventions under Article V, following League's national study of the issues last fall. Click here to read the position.

The position on Money in Politics, as a result of our study last fall, was released April 14, 2016. Click here to read the position

The work done by the Redistricting Committee will result in a concurrence position presented to Convention 2016 attendees, who will vote whether to adopt it as a national position.

The board of LWVUS has released its legislative priorities for 2016 which are, as usual, ranked in two tiers. The first tier priority is Representative Democracy, which includes voting rights and election administration, money in politics, redistricting reform and work on a constitutional convention. The second tier is Climate Change. And LWVUS continues to watch action on several issues including immigration, health care, reproductive rights and environmental protection.